VID00040-003I have lived in France for close to a decade.

For most of that time I have been a part of the team of professionals at Paris Renovation.

We have renovated scores of homes and apartments in and around Paris.

Although we may come from different backgrounds we all are attracted to the mystique and beauty that is Paris, France.

You can find out more about us here.

Paris Renovation – Blog

Paris Renovation -Website

We have an intimate knowledge of Paris and the French.

We understand the complexities as well of the simple truths of what is arguably the West’s oldest culture and have the insight and patience to integrate their way of thinking into our own.

When it comes to getting things done in France, that has tremendous value.

As for me, I have developed an Internet/Social Marketing and Search Engine Optimization expertise which is interesting because Social Media is something the French just plain do not have an appetite for as of yet.

Culturally the French have a distinction between a friend (ami) and an acquaintance (connaissance). To have 500 friends on Facebook to the French just sounds like the most absurd thing in the world.

Today, it is the combination these core competencies which gives us an opportunity to provide world class, cutting edge internet marketing services, act as an interface for valued friends and clients who would like to renovate, manage or property shop in France and also sell to a worldwide clientele.

Any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact.


Liam Gallegos

Paris, France


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