Villa Monceau: The Neighborhood – Part 2

Last time we had some fun and imagined what it was like to walk out on the streets of Paris as a property owner; a true Parisienne.

We walked north and discovered an amazing, award winning boulangerie, owned by artisan talent Lohezic Jocelyn. He and his wife have won many awards including “Winner of the Best Almond Galette Ile de France for the year 2014.”

Then we stumbled on the comfy, classy, cool world of childhood friends Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief and their clothing store ‘ba&sh’.

How cool?

Their mission statement goes something like: ‘TEA, GOOD MUSIC, VIBES, SMILE & LAUGH, SOFT CASHMERE, COCKTAILS, FRIENDS & LOVE…’

No kidding…

That cool.

We picked up some Reblochon cheese made with lait cru (raw milk) at the local Monoprix and found a nice, chilled out cafe called the Royal Pereire on the corner.

Tune into this episode Villa Monceau: The Neighborhood – Part 2 and come with us to see what we discover when we take a stroll in the opposite direction… 🙂


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