HERMITAGE PLAZA – The Spectacular Twin Towers of La Défense

Press release

On the 24th of June, the Administrative Court of Cergy-Pontoise rejected all the appeals against the building permits of the Hermitage Plaza towers. Some plaintiffs’ appeals were dismissed by lack of interest in bringing proceedings. The other appeals, namely from Allianz Life, AXA (Ugitour), Beacon Capital Partners (First Tower) and the Living in La Défense Association (Association Vivre à La Défense), were dismissed and plaintiffs were condemned to pay the legal costs.
« Since we announced our intention to build the towers with Norman Foster, one of the world’s leading architects, we had to face a fierce and vindictive opposition that initiated numerous appeals. In the end, fortunately, the law prevails. Previously, the Court of Appeal had already rejected all appeals against the demolition permits. The Hermitage Group welcomes this decision as another very important step for the realization of its project which is now entering the final phase prior to construction, » said Emin Iskenderov, CEO of the Hermitage Group.

In addition, the work initiated with Bouygues Construction as a technical consultant for Hermitage Group 5 years ago allowed to develop new building techniques and construction management that will reduce the 6-year construction period to 4.5 years, thus catching up some of the time lost due to these abusive appeals. These appeal procedures have also delayed the launch of a project which will create 5,000 jobs during its construction and 3,000 direct jobs for its operation.

Nevertheless, the Hermitage Plaza operation has already allowed for the creation of, and commitment to, 300 social housing units in the Hauts-de-Seine department and the operation itself will create 135 additional social housing units for students. The towers will be best-in-class in terms of technical efficiency and sustainable development.

They were designed to be certified BREEAM (an environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings) with an « Excellent » rating, which will be a world premiere for a mixed-use tower. In late September, Emin Iskenderov, will hold a press conference during which he will detail the next project milestones and the adjusted timetable for the development. – Emin Iskenderov


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