10 Bags Every Woman Should Own In Paris or Anywhere Else

Why is Paris a Fashion capital? It’s been that way for centuries. Back in the day, what you wore told onlookers where you were from and how much power you had.

As a result a ‘Fashion Culture’ emerged and was deeply ingrained in European cities far earlier than in America.

Although style in clothes, shoes and accessories can still give insights into who’s wearing them, fashion has evolved more as an industry and as an Artform.

And in all Artistic disciplines basic standards and principles emerge which then can be enhanced or contrasted for individual expression.

The video above made from a Harper’s Bazaar article written Kerry Pieri with photos Diego Zuko shows us this very artisan concept exists when creating a handbag palette or accompaniment for your wardrobe.

If you are planing to buy property in Paris or expect to spend any length of time here, there are some great ideas above that every fashion consious woman will enjoy thinking about.


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