The Exciting World of Paris Property: An Insider’s View

Donald Trump in his book ‘The Art of the Deal’ acknowledges the importance of leverage. He writes:

“The best thing you can do is deal from strength, and leverage is the biggest strength you can have. Leverage is having something the other guy wants. Or better yet needs.”

What do all real estate investors want or need? They need great deals. They need great deals like a sports team needs big wins. Mediocrity will never get you there. You need an edge.

So let’s say your are looking to buy property in one of the premier cites of the world and you’ve got the inside scoop. You know about up and coming neighborhoods where billions of dollars of government incentives are flowing in to build infrastructure designed to attract private capital investment, housing and jobs.

This environment is the happy hunting ground where great deals naturally abound. It’s the playing field investors dream about. This info is the leverage you need to win.

Would you broadcast this information to the world or would you protect it or even hide it if you could; like buried treasure?

Well, that is exactly what is happening in Paris France today. It’s called the Grand Paris Express.

A few days ago they just inaugurated the extension of metro Line 11 which will travel deep into the suburbs located to the east which is the least affluent of the surrounding neighborhoods.

No French newspaper published it. No mention of it on TV or radio. No speeches from local politicians on how this will provide housing and jobs for working class families; barely a murmur….

Only the trade magazine ‘The International Railway Journal’ published a small press release. It’s like the ceremony never happened.

A whisper never said so much.


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