A Parisian apartment means weekends full of culture, food and shopping

Hop off the Metro, push through the crowds and one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals lies in wait. Although dense and compact, people flock to the City of Light with a deep passion and desire to immerse the senses in art, music, literature and architecture.

Just as alluring, Paris can also be a place to combine culinary comforts with shopping soirees to spoil and pamper to your hearts content.

To own property in Paris is to own a permanent home for your intellectual indulgences and guilty pleasures.

Although many debate the why, it’s a fact that after the 2008 financial crisis the real estate in France remained buoyant. It wasn’t until the uncertainty of over tax changes that arrived with the French elections of 2012 that the French property market softened.

Throughout the ages Paris has always been seen as a safe haven for investment and with many factors along with the strong dollar the Paris property market is once again heating up. This article takes you through the neighborhoods for a behind the scenes look.


One thought on “A Parisian apartment means weekends full of culture, food and shopping

  1. It’s true. I know people, including myself in the early days, who thought that owning a place in Paris meant expensive meals and travel by taxi. But life intervenes, and then we learn the unexpected joys of market shopping and cooking, and walking throughout this compact city. Paris is perfect for this.


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