Buying Property in France – Elizabeth Stribling’s Experience

Elizabeth Stribling, CEO of the renowned NY brokerage firm, Stribling,

Elizabeth Stribling,

In the video below Real Estate legend Elizabeth Stribling does a great job moderating a conference held to enlighten people on the ins and outs of purchasing property in France. Although the sound is somewhat low this video series is still a great resource chocked full with brilliant info.

It is easy to see why Elisabeth has become so successful. She has a very non pretentious, comfortable, almost ‘down home’ way about her. As she starts out she effortlessly weaves a story of one ‘girls journey’ of purchasing property in France.

Elizabeth Stribling: “I am so pleased to be the moderator tonight as I am the VERY happy owner of two properties in France..I have a home in a little town…over looking the Mediterranean above Nice. And I rented that first in 1981 and I purchased it in 1987. I got there because I had taken cooking lessons with Simone Beck and Julia Childs…(so) my love affair with France came through my love of French Cooking. I am also an extremely spoiled girl because I have an apartment in Paris now since 2001 And it is on the Île de la Cité near Notre Dame over looking the Seine And ‘Je suis bien dans ma peau en France’ which means France makes me feel fabulous“.

Elizabeth breakin’ out with the French… You go girl! 😀

After she introduces the panel, just when you think it’s going to get all dry and boring…

Elizabeth Stribling: “What I thought I would do is tell you about my journey in buying and really what’s involved and the first thing I want to tell you is…

…it’s EASY!!!”

For anyone interesting in owning property in France, drop what you are doing and tune in. You’ll be glad you did.



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